Registration Fee for listed Exams

TOEFL = ₦128,200.00
(inclusive of training material) 40% discount applicable
Examination Fee = ₦68,200.00
Training Fee = ₦60,000.00
GRE = ₦174,200.00
(40% discount on both for a month)
Examination Fee = ₦79,200.00
Training Fee = ₦95,000.00
GMAT = ₦187,000.00
(40% discount on full payment for training and registration )
Examination Fee = ₦92,000.00
Training Fee = ₦95,000.00
SAT = ₦106,500.00
for a month. 3 times a week 30% discount on training alone
Examination Fee = ₦46,500.00
Training Fee = ₦60,000.00
IELTS = ₦148,500.00
40% discount on training alone from now till Dec 31st
Examination Fee = ₦78,500.00
Training Fee = ₦70,000.00
PTE(Peason Test of English) = ₦70,000.00
Examination Fee = ₦70,000.00
Training Fee = N/A
Processing for USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand Schools
Application fee for schools not included.
₦250,000.00 for processing 3 schools
₦100,000.00 for one School including VISA Packaging and Counseling.


We assist you get admission into the following universities abroad and also help you get a scholarship to secure your place in any of the following listed countries USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Malaysia, South Africa and Spain. You are guaranteed to get an admission in any of the selected countries and any university of your choice. We will apply to these selected universities for your admissions; however the university has the final say. Ideally, a student would get his I-20 (admissions acceptance letter) in less than 60 days of him/her sending the application packet to us. You will receive your admission letter (I-20) from the university directly.

However, we work with each student individually offering solutions that make visa procurement a hassle free process. B2 Consulting helps you in the entire Visa process like,

  • Filling up applications
  • Guidance and training for mock interviews and exams such as TOEFL, SAT ,GMATS ,GRE and much more.
  • We have high VISA success rate

We have identify eight unique ways to start your path to success abroad, all you need to do is follow this simple steps and find your way to your desired dream course.

  • Identify your choice of Universities / Course, this can be informed by your friends or relatives that live or study in your choice country
  • Acquire the required test scores , like the TOEFL,SAT,GMATS, GRE
  • Shortlist the Universities, this helps you to narrow down your search based on some specific criteria
  • Prepare the application packet, that is our job to prepare the entire necessary document needed and we also correspond for you
  • Send application forms along with required documents. Once this is sent, all you need do is start preparing for your interview date at the embassy
  • Your I-20 /offer letter is all you need to apply for your student visa
  • Apply for VISA, pick a date, get your visa and plan your travelling
  • Take Off

Use our unique gateway for your admissions, to study abroad, “We are here to assist you, in reaching your destination." Just fill up our online application form and pay the required Fee (₦30,000.00 for 2 universities and for each additional universities it would be ₦12,000.00). The above fee covers the application fee for the schools you are applying to and once fee is paid you are already profiled candidates for admissions

On receiving the above details from you, we will then evaluate your application based on your academic strength (i.e. grades, test scores) and give our recommendations of chosen schools where we will apply for you. Then you will have to pay ₦100,000.00 for documentation and other fees for each universities.

WE ALSO OFFER START TO FINISH APPLICATION For more inquiries call: 08023343047 or 08063114931.