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The GMAT exam sometimes looks like an unresolved puzzle due to the rigorous time spent in practicing for the exam yet it seems getting the highest possible score appears to be unimaginable especially exam takers who do not have any numeric background, student from Art, Mass communication & theater …we will spend time looking at your area of weaknesses and strength and we will build you for the tough challenges of the GMAT exam to get you into your desired ivy-league business school.

We concentrate on the actual test preparatory module, looking at issues that have been left unresolved for so long. We will challenge your cognitive mind with our ever ready instructors that will put you through the GMAT admission process even though the exam is just a fraction of the admission process. Discerning professionals have continued to take our unique gateway to MBA admission into the top business school around the world.

This prep option is delivered in a module format. It is ideal for those who are convinced that they have not done sufficient preparation on their own and have never taken the test before; they will need to attend a comprehensive full GMAT/GRE prep program. Participants have a choice of a minimum of 7 classes of 12 modules. This will prepare you well for the exam.
It is an intensive four weeks training, design for chief executives of cooperate organization that do not have enough time at their disposal or for those who have taken the test before and failed. These set of participant need this module for test booster and its design to run for one full month. The modules are compressed in a way to help you pick the main point for the actual exam.

Most grad school applicant consider this test prep option as a link into getting out of the usual office work, focus on their test prep option that runs for four weeks and write their exams immediately.

This is a condensed variant of the Classic and Normal prep option. It is ideal for those who will prefer to finish the prep course in one week and write their exam the following week. It is a rigorous prep option that requires a lot of personal study and class assignments. This module option is highly interactive and self awakening.

It is an exclusive test prep option with B2Consulting instructors and schedule of classes arranged personally by the participant. The tutor will work the grad school applicant through a customized curriculum geared specifically to his/her GMAT strength and weakness. This is the time to experience the right thinking mind in a conducive learning environment….where u have the opportunity to learn on one on one basis. The GMAT personalized classes help you build your answering questions strategies to help you get your maximum score.

With your application deadlines around the corner, we can get you registered fast no matter where you live around the country. Our prices are cheap and affordable compared to other registration firm.

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